took a bit of a break from posting any rants lately, life stuff gets in the way from time to time. but now that i’m back from life, i suppose that means i’m dead. well rested and ready for a rant. AND art. sometimes i kinda feel like a zombie art machine. devoid of life with a single minded lust for design. hide your intellectual material, this shambling corpse hungers for brains….

i remember as a kid, enjoying the antics of john cleese in faulty towers. at the time, you could only watch that on PBS, which would always cut into the middle of an episode to have a pledge drive. so infuriating. i remember what a bother it was that the thing i was enjoying being interrupted, so someone could stand blankly with their hand out, begging for cash to keep airing content. where was i…. i lost my train of thought….. can’t remember why i brought that up….

anyways, check out my patreon page if you get a sec. always uploading new drawings and what not. with your continued interest, we can keep bringing you the content you desire. and as a special gift, pledge now, and the first 50 people to contribute get a tote bag. but it’s like ONE tote bag. you have to share it. work it out amongst ourselves.

just discovered ‘Colony (2016-‘

don’t you live finding a tv show that you can binge watch a few seasons of, newly discovered to you, but already running for a few seasons? you can even forgive a little things that would have irritated you were watching it currently, cause of sheer volume. which a feeling i should count on with the comic, as i’m writing this, on page 270 or whatever.

anyways, the jerk wife from walking dead is back, and she’s still a jerk, but it works. maybe that’s just the actresses only move. jerk wife. i imagine her character range head shots are just 4 pictures of her scowling with a hint of emasculation. her and her husband, and the rest of humanity are enslaved by an unseen alien who pit humans against one another in a sort of vibe as if nazis had rolled over europe, but hadn’t actually showed up, and instead just awarded badges and guns to the first people who wanted to be armed hall monitors.

it’s a different concept, and it sort joins the ranks of the other shows  on these days that are up for the same plot challenge. the challenge being, ‘now that the political climate is what it is, how do you write stories that will still shock or even grip people who were following you a few years ago?’. as in, reality almost jumped the shark, so how is ‘house of cards’ gonna make the president seem corrupt, how is ‘veep’ gonna make politics more outrageous and insane, and why is ‘archer’ still trying? that last one wasn’t about this, i just….. i just can’t even anymore…. archer…. such a hot mess of nonsense.

as always, join the discussion. unless you disagree with me or make me cry.