i had this idea a bit ago, so i thought i’d finally follow through, and do a short video with me doing a doodle. you can see my work process, cause i’m a vain artist, and i assume people want to see that kind of thing. enjoy!

so this newest post is my spartan anniversary. 300 pages. it’s a slow boil. but then again, since most of the posts were half pages, i’m still only up to nearly 150 full pages. that’s only a few issues of a regular comic. a regular comic you can find at comixolixogy! once a quarter, i get a statement from those guys, with a detailed account of exactly how my comic isn’t selling. haha, it’s not like i expect it to, why pay for something you can get for free. well, aside from being able to support my general endeavor. but that being said, i don’t make any real money doing it. since the comic has been up for just a little over 3 years now, i can say that my drawing has become quite a bit tighter. and i think that’s just keeping to a schedule, and forcing myself to sit down and draw, and not just when i get the urge to do so.

someone once came up with a concept that if you do something for 10000 hours, you’ll have mastered the skill. it’s pretty and clean as concepts go, but i’m pretty sure it’s a pile of BS. that being said, it does put the emphasis on practice to become perfect. there’s no real way around that. the masters weren’t great right out of the gate. people like to share sketches of leonardo and picasso, to prove that even in their youths, they were awesome. and maybe they were, but that’s what you’re seeing. not the hundreds of sketches that went straight in the bin, or canvases that were painted and repainted. and that’s my real point. the comic is great avenue for me to practice. writing, and art. you don’t see the bad sketches, but even the finished product is a means to an end.

the really nice boost to the ole work ethic, is that i don’t have to think, ‘what should i draw today?’cause i already know. i have a page to do a week, and it doesn’t matter if i don’t feel like drawing virgil for the 1000th time, if he’s on the page, he gets drawn. but sometimes i feel like drawing other things, and i like taking random suggestions from people, cause it kicks me out of my comfort zone. so, once again ‘What should i draw?’. you guys float some ideas at me, and i’ll do em up. could be fun, could be a disaster, let’s find out! if i don’t get any suggestions, i’ll boot up a new app i found for my phone that’s actually called ‘what should i draw’. if just randomly suggests things. it’s a niche sort of app, but i appreciate someone is thinking of how to help artists, and not just making another clash of clans clone. cause seriousness….. why?

anyone catch ‘American Vandal’ on netflix?

caught this little gem recently. loads of fun. i mean, there’s so much ‘real crime’ reenactment stuff on netflix, and that’s fun and all, but this one is different. it’s  fake documentary series about a kid who everyone is sure spray painted dicks on all the cars in the teacher’s parking lot.

it sounds silly, and it is, but there’s a depth to the story that feels sort of detective noirish. there’s twists and turns and spray painted dicks. and since this is my 300th post, ‘are you not entertained?!’

and damn, that was gladiator. well, whatever.