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  1. Joe Veazey

    Didn’t see that coming!

    I have no idea where the story is going, and I love it!

    • Jason Clarke

      happy i’m keeping ya guessin!

  2. Molotov

    Less wire? Does Clockers have more clocks? I am honestly blanking on whether I have seen this one or not. If I did see it, it hasn’t been since it first came out. I wish I had all the money to throw at you for advertising or equipment or whatever. You really should set up a Patreon and see what bites. The other artists make a killing even doing small things like $5 a month gets you a monthly sketch done hastily on a bar napkin or an paragraph long email from the character of their choice. I used to get tax money around April, so start hinting at me around them and if I get a refund I’ll let you send me a wish list and see what I can do!

    • Jason Clarke

      aw, that’s really nice, but i don’t want to take your refund money off you. you probably need that for more useful things. but the patreon idea is seeming more and more appealing. but i would say this, for people who would like to help, and don’t have the most money, just tell a friend. sooner or later, we’ll reach someone rich. haha

      • Molotov

        That is what I’m hoping for as well. Gotta be someone generous out there who actually HAS money, right?

        • Jason Clarke

          yeah, well, aside from taco bell.

          ah well, it’ll all come together. then i can farm the job out to someone else and be a soulless fat cat sellout. that’s the dream!

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