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  1. Molotov

    The rant about parents being proud of other kids rings true for me. Also (not to make it a gender thing, because god knows we don’t need more of that right now) I can date myself by saying that I was a gamer girl when it meant social death to be one. I was the girl the boys called for maps and cheat codes, not awkward makeout seasions. Still stand by my life choices. What I can see of the new art looks great! Cross your fingers and by next month I may be able to support your Patreon! Wait, don’t do that. It might make it too hard to do awesome work. Still, when I can donate $20+ I’d like to see less digital, more sketchy art from you. Maybe drawings done with your weak hand (I have a soft spot for those). Still, as soon as I get work you will get a nice monthly ration of ramen, or whatever you artsy types are living on these days!

    • Jason Clarke

      i think many of our parents would have rather had ‘outdoor kids’. and yeah, i think that was alot of us back then. it was a percentage of children who though storming the castle and slaying the dragon were attainable goals. having a social circle and another teen to hold hands with, that was the unattainable stuff of myth and legend. sounds a little backwards, but it probably made for some day dreamy kids who’d grow up to be more interesting than the types who got what they wanted when they were young.
      and settle down, you. food before patreon. i’m just pluggin my work. if people have extra to spend on firvolous art and a kindly spirit to patronize an artist, sure. but not before then.

  2. BowenTheKotoc

    “Mother fucker” is the “worst” thing you can call someone because it implies they fuck their own mother. It’s that incestuous twist.

    • Jason Clarke

      i suppose in a weird way, the implication of incest gets lost after you hear it so many times. but when you think of any slur long enough, you can see what the originator was trying to get across, butt he sting is removed with overusse. we need some new swears i think….

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