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  1. Molotov

    But…your Tumblr is gonna stay, right? Husband has the same issue with social media. A bunch of people only out to promote themselves are not the ideal crowd to help your art blossom. I try telling him to just hang around for a while, comment on posts, be his usual charming self. Then he informs me I’m a daft old witch and he ain’t in this to make friends *shrugs* All I know is that I went into the game expecting nothing and now I’m private message friends with Patrick Warburton.

    I am a serious Star Trek fan, but I’m not a fan of having to pay to watch shows. I will wait for Discovery on disc or something so I can see it all at once. And I’ll probably pass on the Orville show because I too am fed up with people and entertainment tripping over their own damn feet to be “relevant.” Ten days after you make your point the next new thing has already come along to get pissed about. Bleh.

    Never heard of Electric Dreams, so I’ll have to check into it. I LOVED Black Mirror, though (and Galaxy Quest, for that matter), and your recommendations are usually spot on for me so I’m in!

    • Jason Clarke

      tumblr can stay, instagram too. i mean, it’s all the same thing, at it’s core. where it becomes something different are the people, and their level and type of engagement. some sites discourage certain behaviour, or promote a more positive vibe where the people moderate themselves. others don’t. and others, fester like an open wound of terribleness. what made 4chan the warren for trolls that people believe it to be. it’s fundementally no different than any other forum.
      but i know how your husband might feel. you’re a social butterfly, you make the effort. mostly, i want to just do the work, put it out there, and let it market itself. but that’s not the way it works. half, if not more than half of art is selling yourself. which is sad, cause it’s not a skill i want to learn.
      i think the original star trek worked to be relevant as well, but i don’t remember the effort seeming as sweaty as it does with orvile. it’s not subtle, or poignant. so, it comes off as a bit insulting to ones intelligence. and i like my scifi to be a little more serious.
      electric dreams has been quite a pleasant surprise, i’ll say that.

  2. nic0mac

    Facebook went on the block for me several years ago but has recently been resurrected for using some of the groups for advice and idea sharing, finding the right group can be difficult but beneficial And I always try and contribute more then I ask for help. Twitter, Instagram, ET AL have never been a thing for me, I dont feel the need to market myself to the world and the people that I’m interested in following usually have other means for getting the information out.
    Been enjoying electric dreams so far, some episodes more then others but that is mainly due to having different writers and directors for each episode, the expanse and dark matter have been my favorite sci-fi shows of late, Star trek joined a bunch of other franchises in the rebooted to much category in my opinion, I may binge watch discovery later but I’ll wait till I’m in the right mood for it. And while I’ll give it a shot I’m sorry to think that Dr Who will be joining that category of rebooted to far next season, Moffat has been putting the show in a different tone the last few years and looking at Chibnall’s recent work I’m just not sure he was the right choice as show head. I’m having a hard time justifying giving Mr Robot much of my time anymore it became pretty disjointed in season 2 and this year it seems like the story has taken a back seat to Sam Esmail’s political feelings. As for fun shows the Orville has been pretty lacking so really I’ve only been watching Dirk Gently this year.
    Sorry for the long rant, it just seemed to grow on its own, Really enjoy your site, Thanks.

    • Jason Clarke

      no worries about the rant. that’s what this space is for. i knwo what you mean, about finding groups you like, but i’m not always into being part of a community. for the most part, i want to do my thing, and if i had more time to interact with people, i’d probably spend it doing more drawing. which isn’t to say i don’t learn from other people’s stuff, i just don’t have a lot to add to the conversation over it.

      you’re right about electric dreams, being up and down, but i think that’s half the charm. they’re like little movies. short and to the point. bite sized matinees. and yeah, i can’t follow mr robot that much anymore either. which is sad. thanks for the props, glad you found my comic!

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