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  1. Molotov

    As a lover or monsterous things (actual teratophile that I am), I find your dinner party guests absolutely charming! I just want to squeeze them to pieces! Definitely hope you find time to expand your creative genius in that direction!

    Still haven’t seen the new Death Note. It’s been a while since I saw the show, but I think it was always his dad who was tasked with hunting him. He was a pretty meticulous little psycho, and I seem to remember an element of “Bwahaha! Nobody will ever suspect the son of the lead investigator!”

    Since you plan on watching the original, I hope I can make you laugh by informing you that if you put boobs on L and dye his hair red you have practically met me. Right down to the barefootedness, dark circles, and
    perching strangely on furniture!

    • Jason Clarke

      thanks! i tend to bit off more than i can chew, and between my actual job, my webcomic, and…. life, i don’t have alot of free time. i want to do more, but i also have to stay open to paying gigs. this is unlikely to be that, but it is more appealing. i’m caught between responsibility and curiosity. at least i can honestly say i’m never really bored. that’s something.

      i can’t just go putting boobs on random things magically. what do you take me for, some sort of mammarymancer? but that is quite a visual. i’m guessing alot of the nuance that sold the anime so well was completely lost in a 90 minute retelling. and that’s half the problem. i think tv lately has an appeal to fans of the slow boil, whereas movies are becoming the medium for those with short attention spans. sort of a change up. back in the day, episodics (to my mind) were silly and easily digestible, and movies were the think pieces.

      • Molotov


        • Jason Clarke

          thought you’d like that one.

  2. Eddie Paige

    The new designs have a classic Charles/Addams – Addams Family cartoon vibe. Are you thinking of single panels / short multi panel one offs or more of an ongoing serialized thing?

    • Jason Clarke

      for starters, i was thinking about just doing a one shot 10 page short, and then see how well it’s received. but it’ll take time i figure.

  3. Afloyd

    This looks fun. I’m always down for some macabre humor. Looking forward to the party.

    Death Note just became this whole thing over in Japan. Like cultural icon or something. There are stage plays for pity’s sake!

    • Jason Clarke

      it must have struck a ‘note’ there that it isn’t here. either it’s cultural, or translation. who knows?

  4. Sean

    I haven’t seen the new one yet, so I can’t draw perfect parallels, but here’s my thought. The boy’s father hunting him down is a bad medium translation. In the series, it’s just luck that the main character finds the note, and that the main character’s father is the chief inspector of the police department for that region of Japan. As the death toll stacks, more and more of the police bail on the hunt for the killer, until this chief is one of a very small number still hunting him. Note: this takes about 12-14 episodes. Why the movie even incorporated that is a little beyond me, as a significant amount of time and character development went into the main character and his father’s relationship as time went on.

    • Jason Clarke

      kinda just proves the point that with more time, you can build a nuanced story, that would feel forced in a 90 minute movie.

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