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  1. Molotov

    The color is fabulous! I’d frame a poster of this shot!

    • Jason Clarke

      haha, well, you’re welcome to, cause i’m a ways away from having an online store. glad you dig it!

  2. Kem

    Well done.

    • Jason Clarke


  3. Brian

    Beautiful! You did it like a Cirkut or Noblex rotating camera! I think the other camera was a Roundshot. I love those panoramas.

    • Jason Clarke

      not familiar with those. i guess it sorts looks like that, but i just started drawing, and it just got wider and wider.

  4. Joe Veazey

    The sky is lighter; is dawn coming into the world?

    • Jason Clarke

      i think that’s sort of the feel i was going for, a new dawn, but to be honest, i’m not sure i’ll do time of day as strictly as that. i might just keep a nighttime vibe to everything…..

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