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  1. Molotov

    That character list is just screaming to be made into a deck of tarot-style cards!

    • Jason Clarke

      haha, well, i’d need more characters… i think it’s a large enough roster as it is.

  2. Deluge

    Hey man, have you tried Webtoons.com? I don’t know how the model works but it seem pretty well handle and there’s a lot of quality comics there. I think yours should be there as well and benefit from the visibility. Give a look!

    • Jason Clarke

      i hadn’t heard of it. i checked it out, but it looks a little like they’re aiming for a younger crowd. i’m always wary of that kind of thing, cause i don’t want to sign any rights away. as it is, their terms of agreement say that they can change the terms of agreement at anytime, which is a little worrisome, but i put the first 5 pages up. meh, we’ll see what happens. thanks for the help!

      • Deluge

        Seems to have a good reception on the site!! Happy for you man!

  3. msouth

    *aren’t on board

    keep on keepin’ on

    • Jason Clarke

      meh. you know what i meant.

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