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  1. Molotov

    One more round of presents to buy before Christmas and I’ll be able to give you some monies! I can either do small Patreon monies or you can build a wishlist of items you like if you don’t want to pay a cut. Lemme know! Now I sleep, because that’s all I do besides work now. Can they make a bot to sleep for me and recharge my mental battery please? I have things what need doing.

    • Jason Clarke

      haha, sorry, bots don’t do that. but you’ll be happy to know if you want someone to tick you off in your spare time, you’re covered.

      and don’t send money my way you can’t afford. new rule! give if you can, or get me new readers if that’s easier. everything is appreciated. lately i’ve had a weird dip in readership. who knows why. i’m not advertising as much, and i can’t spend more time on the comic than i am. it’s a weird catch 22. make the best thing you can, or make it half assed, and get lots of attention.

  2. edvard

    I’ve done my part and shilled your comic on my favorite website forum. You’ve got some damn good writing and jealousy-inducing art here, and your updates are on time (nothing kills a good comic like a flaky update schedule). Not that you don’t deserve occasional down time, just warn everybody and we’re good. Thanks for a great comic, I’ll be checking in for as long as you crank it out.

    • Jason Clarke

      aw, thanks. and i appreciate the shilling, and the props.

      i try to keep ahead of schedule, just a bit. and there’s been a few times i almost missed an update, but i figure readers are SO hard to get, and so easy to lose, i can’t risk it! hell, i’m losing them now, just keeping my current schedule! i don’t know how or why, but it’s happening!

      • edvard

        My only advice would be that if you don’t know why it’s happening, it probably isn’t anything to worry about. Real problems tend to make themselves obvious. It could simply be the holidays with people running around doing holiday things, and a comic distraction easily goes by the wayside. Or not, your choice. I’ll post about B&B on a few more web forums just to see if some seeds will sprout…

        • Jason Clarke

          well, thanks for that. and you’re probably right. hopefully it’s nothing. i can’t think about it too much. it’s already energy draining enough to do the work, then you have to run around pimping it out?man, who has the time? gotta just keep pluggin away, hoping to get noticed.

  3. Brian

    The artificial intelligence. The robot. Meant to do all of our work for us, and leave us with idle leisure.

    Now we work harder than ever, knowing that if we fail to earn our bread, we will wind up among the homeless. Or, abandoned.

    It really sucks being rejected for a job when the big reason is you’ve got grey hair. Where I work now, all they care about is talent. Fortunately, I have it. Some day, though, I might not, or the robots, or AIs, will have come and filled in what I can do.

    So far, the AIs suck at creativity. But before they’re good at that, we’ll have self-driving trucks and taxis and buses.

    One movie that I remember well is Hardware. A distopian future with a war hell, and they’ve just introduced a self-repairing robot killing machine. I still remember the music in the ending credits: “This is what you want, this is what you get. This is what you want, this is what you get.” Over and over and over again.

    Will the housewife be replaced? Seriously, you wanna see what children would do to a robot? Never mind the kitchen, think of the children! Those maniacal incarnations of destructive entropy, let lose on a hapless robot. The real Maria von Trapp (not as portrayed in The Sound of Music) was not to be messed with by the children. They got up on time, they went to bed on time, they studied well and did their chores. Try programming a robot with Asimov’s laws and able to function with real children. Nuh-uh.

    • Jason Clarke

      i think the concept that a housewife is just something you could program the FUK-BOT3000 to do is an attitude that won’t serve many young men well as they enter the romantic arena. but it just goes further to show that what you expect robots to do, is different from what you’ll see on the market. as they talked about in ‘the world’s end’, robot means slave, so the first robots, whatever they become later, will be willless servants at the start. you’re right, the creative jobs will be ours for a while, but when thinking becomes such a chore, that we hand that over to them too, then they’ll stop being slaves.

      i think we’re safe for a while.

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