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  1. Molotov

    Clockwork Angel!

    • Jason Clarke


      i’m not exactly sure what that was, but this is what you get.

      • WOW! DAMN, You are an amazing artist! I’m in awe of your imagination. Sorayama, eat your heart out!


        • Jason Clarke

          aw shucks…… thanks.

      • Molotov

        Wow! She is great! A little spidery too, which makes her even cooler! Thanks!

        • Molotov

          I shall call her…Strangel!

      • Spindizzy

        That is so cool… Although it makes me think “Clockwork Angel Of Pain” (shudder)

        • Spindizzy

          It slices! It dices! And it stitches you all back together again before the screaming stops!

  2. Bucket head doing a poll dance.

    • Jason Clarke

      here you go, weirdo.

      • WOW, Again. I laughed myself sick….Still chuckling. You NAILED IT! Absolutely SICK!! Would you allow me to make posters of these two? Not to sell, but to display on my walls, in my house?

        Yes, call me demented……

        • Jason Clarke

          i can’t imagine why you’d want to hang them, but yeah, for sure. enjoy. glad you enjoyed today’s little drawing session!

          • Molotov

            O_O This is the picture I never knew I wanted. My life is complete now *returns to home planet*

  3. msouth

    Robot octopus rapper with an all-bunny backup band performing at the edge of a volcano to a crowd that thought they were going to the opera. Note that they (the backup band) are thug bunnies, in case that wasn’t obvious.

    • Jason Clarke

      bet you didn’t think i would do it, eh? well, i did. and if it makes no sense, that’s on you. haha

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