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  1. Molotov

    As one of your American neighbors, I appreciate the well-wishes. It is indeed exhausting just watching humans pointlessly hate one another.

  2. Molotov

    Heh…not long after I posted this, my hometown is embroiled in battle over confederate statues. I wish there was some meaning or real cause behind the violence, but I guess it’s good enough to drag down monuments just to get your name on the news.

    • Jason Clarke

      when i see that kind of thing, i imagine it’s a convenient excuse to turn what could have been a civil debate on regional identity into something ugly, because that’s where we are lately. i hope it works out for your town.

      i don’t know. people should just read more comics, and if you have an opinion that doesn’t fit on a tshirt or a bumper sticker, leave it home.

      • Molotov

        That’s beautiful. THAT belongs on a T-shirt or bumper sticker!

        • Jason Clarke

          Haha, I should patent it before some rips me off.

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