i can’t imagine how exhausted my american friends are this week. watching the election from afar, and for the last year, even from canada, i feel drained. (i’m in canada, for those who didn’t know)

whether you’re happy with the results or not, and this isn’t the place for that, it’s most likely been a trying time for all of you. so, i purged my brain, and this is what came out. i found it to be sort of therapeutic. it is what it is. a random swirl of free association that i thought i would share with you. there’s lots of stuff here, you could spend some time just picking through it all, but it is my brain, so wipe your shoes off before you enter, please.


pretty busy lately, working some extra art gigs, but soon i’m gonna launch a patreon site. i know, i know, i said i would never do that, but, i think i can figure a way to makeĀ  it so i give something back. this will include access to early posts, concept art, and rough panels months in advance, and also, what i hope catches on, a suggestion level, where some patrons tell me what they would like to see in a speed painting, i draw it, and they keep the results for fun, or for an avatar for something. i mean, i’m always drawing anyways, why not do it for the fans?

so keep an eye out for that soon, and America…. have a few beers this weekend in a fun and responsible way. you’ve earned it.