if you want to investigate the spooky mansion, turn to page 97, if you want to pilot the spaceship back to the mother ship, turn to page 46…..

i used to love choose your own adventure books. then videogames happened. which why i may like the telltale games so much. it’s about as close as they’ve gotten so far. all games promise consequence by choice, but few deliver. and these doesn’t either, but it’s close. in short, i want my damn holodeck already!

but i digress. the post for today, as you’ll notice, is a bit different. people noted recently that not much time has passed in the story, and they’re right. more or less 1 day. i know, this is the slowest way to tell a story. so, to close the end of this chapter, and commemorate the beginning of a new one, i decided to paint a background and put a little bit more pizzazz into this panel. and, as an added bonus, anyone who wants the full background, can check it out ‘here’ at my patreon page. a little something extra for people willing to part with $1.

i really put some time into it, and i’d like everyone who’s been kind enough to support my growing endeavor to enjoy it.