quick edit: here’s the sex shark/endoplasmic reticulum/intergalactic cephhalopods…. thing. i didn’t know where to go with that, so, it’s a girl with a butt in a minisub being chased through some tube things by some octopods. i could have done more with it, but once i drew the butt, my motivation kinda waned.

everyone here, i suspect, is a fan of science fiction. that or you have an OCD compulsion to finish anything you start, and you never wanted to be here in the first place. in which case, you and i are locked in an eternal struggle. you can’t leave, and i can’t finish. muhahah. BUT, i think that being a fan of sci fi means a couple things. not huge earth shattering things, but obvious, ‘subtle to the core’ things.

sci-fi readers might be able to get behind bleak forecast of the future where humanity has been stomped into the ground, but in contrast there’s almost always a ray of hope. the hero(ine) that has a plan, the last chance in a galaxy gone mad. and in that way, sci fi readers are hopeful. things might be shit now, but they might not be later. and that makes me think science fiction enthusiasts are for the most part, forward thinking. and if not technically savvy, at least not technophobic.

and it’s with that, that i confess a certain intolerance for the intolerant. in regards or science, specifically. i’m not saying you can’t have a spiritual vibe, or believe in a higher power. i don’t, that’s me. but with the current social climate (not everywhere, just where i’m seein it), people with backwards views have been pre-validated. the fringe is the norm, and whatever insane thing you hold as true, has validity. cause feelings matter, and facts aren’t immutable truths, they’re more suggestions for the gullible. and with the internet, we’re all arm chair doctors and physicists.

i found myself shocked recently to witness a few internet arguments, on the topics of anti vaccination, and the flat earth theory. i don’t want to start a thing here. if you feel like i’m about to insult you, thanks for dropping by, sorry to lose a reader. and i’m not going to get into the weeds on why i feel it’s insane to consider these things as ‘topics for debate’. i think my point here is that when i envisioned the future of today, i never would have considered a time in which we have iphones, poverty, and people who think immunization against the plague was a bad thing. i DID think we’d have flying cars, but at what cost? people who believe fire is food?

i was once told by a few friends who thought that my lack of spirituality amounted to a closed mind. which, kinda felt like being accused of having no imagination. which is something i felt safely i would never be accused of. then again, these people also told me they thought the brain and the mind were 2 separate organs. quiz your friends sometime. you might know idiots.

the future turned out weirder than i would have thought, and some of the things i thought were non starter issues are crippling our ability to move forward as a people. i’m reminded of a peice by jim jefferies where he saw humanity as a train, where all the scientists and atheists were in the engine car, and all the other cars were weighing them down. it must be hard to try to look forward, with some many people looking anywhere else. maybe even trying to stall the way forward. and i want my flying car, damnit.

no real movie to discuss right now. i did see ‘Blame!’, a recommendation i quite appreciated from Andrew F. i liked it quite a bit, but if i had any issue, it was the same as with alot of anime. it felt like it was a bigger world they pared down to fit into a movie. which is a shame. maybe it would have worked better as a series.

ok, so till next time, here’s a painting i did of one of our cats in a boudoir photo. click the pic to go to my patreon, and see the full version. consider joining up, so you don’t miss this kind of weirdness in the future, and to support my work. thanks!