got something new for you guys, something i’ve been kicking around. lately i’ve been playing with the style for the comic, new influences, new ideas of design, and it’s made me want to try something new. really flex my creative muscle. so, it’s with that that i’ve decided i want to try something new. fans of black and blue, that’s right, all 3 of you, don’t despair. i want to do this as a side project that won’t impact on the weekly updates, and keeping the quality on B&B high. well….. as high as it has been.  but this is part of my commitment to improve my art, and you don’t get that much better at something by repetition. not as much as branching out.

so, i was sketching character designs, trying to find the style for a new short i want to do. the working title is ‘the dinner party’.

i think it will be a lot of fun. and spare time. not that i have a ton, but i’m gonna try to fit it in. uninstalling Overwatch on my computer has removed a huge time sink, and, bonus, i find i don’t hate people as much anymore. like, i still do, just less.

anyways, i’m hoping that people out there like it enough to support it as an extra endeavour. it’s kind of a departure from my regular style, but if i can get enough people who’d like to see more, i can take time off here and there to see little side projects like this through. i don’t have any real plan for funding or rewards, but i’m open to suggestions. for now, i have my patreon, (clicking on the pic will take you there) and i really hope you guys would like to see more of this kind of thing, and of course, more black and blue.


so, who else saw ‘Death Note (2017)’

ok, no surpise here, this is just another post from me, to you, about how someone tried to condense something big, into something smaller, and ruined it. i could just stop here.

but i won’t. i didn’t see the original, but i will now. if nothing else, this terrible adaptation has made alot of people righteously upset, and through the gnashing of teeth, and clenching of fists, i heard one thing loud and clear, the original is deep. so, i’m gonna give it a chance. can’t be worse, right?

*spoiler* the main character’s dad is the one person on earth, at random, who’s tasked with finding his son, this seemingly phantom killer. that’s just lazy writing. i mean, seems to me you could clean that that up with a few tossed in lines about ‘that’s why we chose you’. boom. is it good? no, but it’s not god awful and painfully forced to make a plot work. ok, less forced.