deep thought of the day…. i don’t get why ‘mother fucker’ is the worst thing you could ever call someone. i mean, providing your dad didn’t take a powder before you were born, chances are, he was a mother fucker. and if he did leave your pregnant mother alone to raise you, ironically, he was in point of fact, not a mother fucker.

good news! i finally have a new corporate sponsor! this time, it’s ‘overwatch’, by blizzard. ‘overwatch, anniversary edition now available. 1 year of 13 year olds calling you the N word for not doing what they told you to. yeah, you like the abuse, don’t you dumbass?’

it’s highly socialized now, being a gamer used to be a somewhat solitary existence. i’m taking bout if your old enough that your idea of a scary freddy was krueger, and not some pizza mascot. so it’s kind of a stereotype. the frail nerd, alone in his room, slapping away at a joystick or keyboard, trying to reach the castle, or what have you, while the kids your dad would be less embarrassed to call ‘slugger’ were off taking part in team sports. and i was on the ground floor. playing curse of the azure bonds and pool of radiance on my c64 (i’m really dating myself here). and yeah, that 64 don’t stand for no gigabytes. that was 64 KILObytes of pure graphical gold. and we were happy to have it. not like those poor bastards that had vic 20s….. sad sad sad were the kids stuck with 20 kbs of rom….

but like anything tech based, pride rots quickly and soon there was everything else. the loop tightened even faster to the point where if you somehow human centipeded 1 million commodores together, they still wouldn’t be as powerful as the machine i’m using for the grand task of writing this post. also, full metal alchemist in on pause. ooooh…. the future is now.

if i’m being honest, i was happier with my c64 as a kid, than i am with my super computer now, cause it was ‘da shit’. i mean, loading screens were beyond anything, 5 minutes to boot the simplest program, and all the graphics were ass, but it was at the very beginning of the arc. one day, nothing. then, computers. now  i, or rather all of us, are somewhere in the middle of the arc. and we can see what’s next, with fair certainty. we’re not just happy to have it, we’re looking too far ahead….. and as kids, every little new thing blew our pink little minds. i still remember if you  typed 10 print “jason rules”: 20 goto 10 : run, it was so. and i did in fact, rule.

maybe i’ll download an emulator, and have a go at curse of the azure bonds. i’m just worried i’ll crack a memory wide open and ruin it. that still wouldn’t be worse than a remake.

hey, i finally finished that drawing i was doing! it was alot of work, but i’d like to do more of that kind of thing in the future. if you’d like to see more, please visit my patreon, and consider getting on board the blackandblue train. this painting ‘dogwalker’ is behind the $1 patron wall. but i’d like reward all the fans who’d like to donate a little to see more work. but, time is a finite resource. spare time doubley so. it’s a great way to help support the work, and shout out to all the patrons already signed up. you guys rock. much appreciated.

but i did add a goal to my patreon, if anyone is interested. it’s rather modest, in my opinion. if i can get up to 100 dollars, i will put out a print compilation of the comic up to whatever issue i’m up to when the goal is achieved. i promise you, all the money will go to the printing costs. i’ll make sure long term patrons get one free. and everyone else will get one on the, let’s see if anyone is interested.

i also had an idea to do videos for patrons. maybe short clips of my work flow, if anyone is into that kinds of thing. i’d call them tutorials, but i wouldn’t want anyone to replicate my habits. i’ve got some bad ones, and a messy style. i was considering calling it ‘how not to draw, 101’. it’s actually a tragic accident that i have a career at all. someone should have stopped me by now.