happy monday readers! just 5 more days. you can do it!

the 2% of you that don’t have ad blockers in place might notice a small change. that’s right, i’ve sold out. the right side of my page has space for a banner ad, and so far, i’ve made a whole dime. that USD pure profit right there.

i just set that up for a laugh. i suspect you’ll see the odd webcomic taking space there, new guys, just tryin to make good with a story, some art, just trying to get noticed. hoping one day they can sell out for the big cash, like i have.  i may take it down at some point. i don’t know. for now, it’s up and running.

another new change, i’ve enabled facebook commenting on my page. i wasn’t aware it would keep both, and i don’t know how to migrate one to the other, so for now, there’s both. if you have something you’d like to say, say it the way you feel most comfortable. if it doesn’t work, i’ll revert to the old way. again, this is just another way i’m trying to get the word out there.

other changes i tried to implement was a fancier look to the page. my idea was that i wanted to get the text to hover over a muted image in the background. i was thinking of maybe putting the drawing i did on the left here, on the bottom corner , or something like that. but either wordpress let me down, or my wordpress skills did. probably the latter. but i did the drawing, and i thought i’d share it all the same. i was kind thinking mignola when i did it. i should get a style, and stick with it. one day…..

anyhow, feel free to click any link you like, and if you’ve liked what i’ve been up to, head on over to my patreon page, and buy me a beer. not only is it a kindly thing to do, but you’ll have access to an ever expanding collection of exclusive content. which does grow more quickly the more people i have interested in it. shout out to the peeps who’ve already signed on!