my patreon is still going strong, updating when i can, check it out! funny thing is, at the highest level of patronage, you get to suggest things you want me to draw in my vast spare time (shyeah, right) and use the results for whatever…. and to date, no one has made any suggestions! phone lines are open, and operators are standing by, guys! 5 bucks…. it’s a steal.

so yeah, if you are interested in helping support my craft (the comic, not my various other deviant activities) check out the patreon first. i still really do appreciate people voting for me on topwebcomics, but after my post last week about ratings and being rated, i don’t suppose i have the high ground to ask people to go over to another site, and give me a thumbs up. especially when the voting resets every month. seems a little futile. and i would never diss the site, or the many people who’ve discovered me because of it, i can’t really justify spending the time to do it. HOWEVER, if you did want to tell a friend, or post a link to my comic to ‘whomever’, i would appreciate that quite a bit. personal endorsements, i feel, have more value. and even if you don’t, i hope you enjoy the comic all the same.

newest thing i was gonna mention was the new disney movie. if people were clamoring for a live action retelling of beauty and the beast, i sure didn’t hear it. and who else to cast in the role of the warm country girl but the wooden girl diagnosed with stage 4 ‘bitch face’ from the harry potter movies. (and don’t bother disagreeing, i’m not sayin she’s not pretty, just… come on)

what i do think is odd though, is the weird reaction that a lot of people seem to be having now that the company that’s been putting out fey musicals about dancing talking animals since your parents were in short pants suddenly having an ‘out’ gay character. some people are outraged, some are elated…. to me, this is a non event, or more of a ‘really? about time, i suppose’, event. i mean, did they not already? you telling me jafar was a ladies man? what about ursala the sea witch or scar the effeminate lion… seems like quite a few of the disney villains seemed at least a little gender-ambiguous, and no one said nuthin’. guess it’s different when it’s the ‘bad’ guy.

singapore and malaysia which both have laws against homosexuality have said they wouldn’t broadcast the movie as is, whereas china has said it’s ok, cause the gay character isn’t part of the overall plot. disney say they will not edit the movie so it can be broadcast to audiences in countries that protest gay rights.

so, 20 years after the cringey retelling of john smith, the guy who definitely did not save the natives in reality, played by mel gibson, who said this, we have the same company soooorta standing up for gay rights, and i have no idea what to make of any of it. to me, this isn’t a political issue, and to disney, it’s a money issue. singapore and malaysia are tiny markets compared to china….. so, what would disney do if the chinese demanded it to be ‘less gay’?

as far as movie recommendations this post, i saw underworld: blood wars. so i have nothing i can recommend. well, i don’t know. anyone watching…

The Expanse

feel like i might have mentioned this one already. i like it. very watchable. i don’t get the same feeling as i used to when, and this is true, left church early so i wouldn’t miss ‘V’, as a child. but that’s less about that show, and more about what a horrible little brat i was. jesus can’t compete with mice eating lizards. and ultimately, didn’t.

but i digress. it’s good. mars and earth are both colonized, and we see them struggle in a plot at many different levels. it’s got many different things working at the same time, but what i like most about it, is the world building they’ve done. you can really buy that this is the way things could be in the future, with all the little nuances that help you feel immersed. check it out.