so, america had another ‘hang yer head’ week. whatever. it happens. again, i’m not gonna get political with my little outlet here. 2 reasons, i don’t want to, and you wouldn’t put up with it. i get that. but i don’t see this as a political issue. and by ‘this’, i mean guns.

and before you click out, i’ll say you can feel the way you want to about anything. not my place to say. i think guns have a ‘cool’ factor that’s hard to deny. but, so do cigarettes…. and you can have em both. i don’t care much.

as a story guy, i think there’s not much that’s quite as direction shifting as a gun. who ever holds it makes the plot go in their direction. the form of which can be as pointlessly huge as a truck full of machine guns, or a derringer in a woman’s purse. with a pop or a bang, the story is off the rails. it’s a plot device. and violence is epically transformative. but that’s ‘story’.

i think there’s more to it than that though. i read something that discussed how people, particularly men, were hard wired to appreciate tools. in the past they represented survival and later prosperity. the finer the instrument, the more successful the hunt, the nicer the dwelling it built. so by extension, the tools you had, defined your role, and worth to your tribe, where we derive a great deal of our identity. so, whether you think guns are just cool, or if they are an extension of how you identify as a man, there’s no getting away from their value. or, maybe, we redirect that energy.

i was thinking about it, as an artist, how can i possibly make a point here, in any helpful way. well, i put on my thinking cap, and thought ‘what if someone created something, that had that cool factor, but also had that ‘tool’ factor? guns have specs, and stats, and… a sort of usefulness. what if i came up with something more useful, with the same sort of highly machined and assembled action?

i give you the first 2 designs in a line of tactical spice solutions.

ok, this is mostly a joke. but honestly, i think they’d be pretty fun to have. and, i get that they don’t have the ‘transformative plot’ ability that actual firearms have, but i think we can all do with a few less plot twists in real life.