i think i courted fate the other week, talking bout zombies the way i did. just getting over my very own zombie virus. no one got bit, and no one got turned, but for a few days i was walking around like corpse. i’m over it now, but i almost missed an update or two. so, this time, not intentionally trying to court fate again or nothing, i want to talk about this other story where a guy drowns in fame, money, and hot action…. it’s called… um, damn, i got nothing. ok, on to the real business.

new sketches on my patreon account, trying to keep busy, flex that creative muscle. here’s a small cropping of something i  hope to have finished soon…..

it’s more time consuming, but sometimes, you just want to be able and noodle away on details, that would otherwise go unnoticed in a comic panel. plus, you get to feel like a real art guy. haha

i’ll let you know as i finish more stuff like that, and hopefully some of you guys on the fence will join the patreon, and reap the rewards of giving me a dollar. exclusive club i got going on.

every once is a while, i get a review/mention on some forum, or blog post, or whatever. chances are, it’s from someone who appreciates the comic, but never drives any real traffic my direction. that being said, i always appreciate it when i notice it, and these people never message back, but i always thank them when i see it.

it means alot to me when i see one of you guys take the time to pass on the word, and use whatever forum you have, to say something nice, in the hopes that maybe someone else agrees, and wanders my direction. SO, for all the peeps i’d missed, who wrote something in earnest, or just forwarded B&B on to a friend, thanks for the vote of support.

btw, a new issue of Black and Blue just got accepted to comixology!

i’ll let you all know when it’s about to be published. shouldn’t be more than a few months. up to 5 issues! a few more years like this, and…. well, i’ll be insane, but whatever!