just checkin in, not a ton to say, and not a ton of time to say it in.

to make the ever expanding character roster of Black and Blue easier to get a grip on, you’ll notice in the right sidebar, there’s a link to the ‘character list’. this idea has been requested a few times, but the more i thought of it, the more i think it could be useful. so, if you were feeling like you were getting lost, and couldn’t remember names, or basic affiliations, check it out! if you like theĀ  chaos of not knowing, or just enjoy the pretty pictures, don’t bother.

that’s about it, welcome and thanks to my newest patreon patrons, you know who you are. and for those who aren’t on board yet, check it out, and consider backing me in my endeavour to bring you story, and art, and help me build up my little corner of the internet! thanks!