ever have one of those weekends? i think i just had 2 at the same time. but, life goes on, until it doesn’t. got lots of drawing done, so that’s fun.

decided to add a goal to my patreon account. if you were on the fence, and needed to feel like you were accomplishing more than just chipping in on my beer fund, here’s your chance! i figure if i hit my goal, i can use the money to do a small print of the comic, up until this point. if you weren’t aware, i’ve been bundling them and putting them up on comixology. and while that’s alot of work, it also doesn’t bring in much money. yay. BUT, that means they’re pretty much publish-ready. covers and everything. so, if and when i can hit the goal, i’ll put together whatever i have up to that point in book form, actual paper, and put them out there into the world. and of course, i fully intend to try to give them discounted or free to my patreon peeps. it’s the right thing to do.

so, if that happens, great. if not, well, i’m still drawin it, and it won’t be done for…. wow, years. but the fun is in the doing. and i can’t tell you how good it is for my practicing to have deadlines. haven’t missed one yet!

speakin of drawing, last weekeend’s solos drawin jam was alot of fun. when i have the time to goof around like that, i dig it. doesn’t happen all the time, but i might make it a semi regular thing. and since you’re reading this sentence, let’s hear the suggestions. the next few people that mention something (one thing) i will come up with some sort of drawing incorporating them. let’s hear some nouns people! and all you quiet readers that never say nuffin’, speak up. it won’t kill ya. and you don’t have to log in, or have an account or anything. my whole comment situation is pretty inf0rmal.

don’t have any movies to talk about. i heard the new alien movie wasn’t everything it could have been. i mean, i’ll still see it at some point, but seeing as how prometheus lowered the bar to near jar jar binks levels, how hard could it have been to get a win? anyone got any movie recommendations? it’s been a while since i saw a good one, and i’m hurtin real bad. i need a fix.