it’s a preemptive measure. i don’t think 2016 is done with us yet, but i think everyone is done with 2016. seemed like a long one. lot of celebrity deaths, which i don’t care much about, but it seemed to bum a lot of people out. so, while i might not be a bowie or prince fan, sorry for you that were. also zsa zsa gabor died. so, if there’s any hardcore green acres fans out there, stay strong. actually, i just read that that was her sister, eva… so…. whatever.

i think what also seemed to make the year drag on a little slower is that the news suckered me in. i started reading whole articles, and not just be the kinda of guy who reads headlines, and assume i got the ‘gist’ of it before forwarding it to my entire address book.  that’s what clueless aunts are for. and there seemed to be a lot of news this year, focusing on the over arching theme of ‘aren’t people dicks?’. the answer is…. well, the loud ones sure are. i invite you to join me on my new years resolution, ‘no more reading the comments sections of anything’. except for my own comic. you guys are great. i feel pretty good about this little space i’ve carved out.

i realize now why half the internet is cats doing stupid crap. it’s to balance out the other half. so, maybe that’s the trick, focus on the right half. and maybe that’s the way we should approach 2017. and that’s as optimistic as i get.

so, have yourself a merry little christmas, or kwanza, or hanukkah,  or whatever you do. festivus seems fun, and less deity based, you could try that. i don’t go in for any of it, but time off is time off. have a drink and a laugh, and i’ll see you in the new year!