so, the more astute of you will notice a little format change today. since i draw the comic in full pages, and chop em in half to deliver 2 half pages a week, i’ve decided ‘screw it’, and will now just be putting 1 whole juicy page on mondays, and not 2 measly morsels spread out throughout the week. i suspect i’ll not get as many visitors, people won’t have to come in twice a week to stay current, but i also suspect the more casual readers will appreciate being able to stay current without the hassle of trying to remember what page they were on.

this will largely be a cosmetic change, but, it will free me up to break the half and half page format i had to stick to before. i might even be able to do full page establishing shots. something that intrigues me a little. and as a side benefit, it changes something for the sake of change, something i’ve criticized other creative types for in the past, but sometimes you do feel the urge to shake things up a little. feel free to let me know what you think about the new change!

american gods (2017-)

weird title, weirder show. not much you can say about this one without giving anything away,  but while it’s strange, it’s strange with a hook. of course, the whole thing could ‘battlestar gallactica’ and go so far up it’s own ass that it makes it’s most devout audience feel betrayed and lost, but without hope that something will knock your socks off, you just become that ranty guy on this internet, complaining about the new robocop, 3 years later. oh wait….. nevermind.

neil gaiman writes on the show, writer of the old sandman series. a heavy hitter who brings some graphic novel cred, to be sure. so, with that, and one episode in…. we’ll see. fingers crossed.