happy victoria day to my fellow canadians, and to everyone else, mondays…. ugh, amirite? but this is one of the days off we get. to my american friends who i don’t believe get this day off, sorry. if it makes you feel better, we don’t have presidents day, whatever that is. but far be it for me to question day off. and they’re best when you remember you have it off that friday afternoon. total blow off day. you didn’t make plans, so, it’s a complete freebee.

and that’s good news, cause a free day means i can blow it doin some drawin. so, with my day off, i put it to you, the readers who ventured further, and scrolled past the comic, that for today, toss me some ideas, and i’m drawin’ em. speed drawin time! comment below that you wanna see a cat god archer robot, i’ll make it happen. maybe a tentacle robot getting detention and writing lines floats your boat…. no judgement.  i put this offer out to the high rollers on my patreon, and to date, no one has taken me up on it. my worry at first was that i would be spread to thin, and not have time to do a drawing for everyone who pledged 5 bucks. haha, i’m so naive sometimes. that being said, i get that people just went all in cause they want to support my endeavor. and i do appreciate it.

so, that’s what i’m sayin. i plan to spend the day drawin anyways (maybe some lunch, a little yard work, a power nap, if the mood tickles me) so hit me up. and i mean, it’s for monday, but if you squeak a request in, and you missed monday, i’ll try to sort ya out. just trying to interact with the readers… ya jerks.