i find it odd that any video on youtube discussing artificial intelligence or robots these days is littered with comments about how the housewife’s days are numbered, and that feminists better watch out, indicating the hope that a new cheap alternative to women is right around the corner. seems odd to be giddy with anticipation that a new walking fleshlight might soon be available, and to proudly announce that this would, in your opinion make an entire gender obsolete. and while i get the concept of ‘jokes’, it’s odd to anticipate something that duplicates the look and feel of something that does exist and is plentiful, if only you could tolerate it. but this brushes up against what i wanted to talk about this week.

artificial intelligence in fiction always adapts it value to the author as it relates to the world he’s created. while it might not be convenient to the characters, it’s a plot device that fleshes out his or her world. and, as readers we see the same thing. what a factory owner might hope robots become is alot different than a mailman. hopes turn to fear when it threatens our livelihoods (or lives), but, that’s just part of the whole thing. either way, we expect alot. and that was half the fun of ‘AI’.

but, then, what happened in reality became a lot more depressing than just trying to get your waffle iron to jerk you off. people online found the application for artificial people they’d been hoping for. to piss people off, online. that’s right, i’m talking about ‘bots’. fake comments on this, crappy replies on that. robots being used to stir the turd, as it were. and now, sex with a replicant seems like an innocent thrill in comparison. what could have been a noble endeavor into trying to understand intelligence, and ourselves has turned into a weak set of algorithms to mimic rage, and emotion. which i find ironic, because to set people off, they are using computers to do the one thing they have no capacity for. feeling something.

it works into my new screenplay though.
robot-what is this thing you call, ‘hate’?
professor putz- never you mind, troll-bot! get back to mining my bitcoin and spreading the news that hillary did 911!
robot-trump 2020! putin is an ok guy once you get to know him! chemtrails are real!

that was just a taste. it’s going to suuuuuucccccckkkkkk. anyways, it’s just an oddity that the ugliness of the internet is now being farmed out to computers. we’re so lazy, we can’t even say tweet our own nonsense anymore.

on that, i’ve been playing ‘Observer’ lately.

developed in poland, and released on steam, you play a cop in a cyberpunk future, much like bladerunner. and also like blade runner, rutger hauer is there, and he is all out of fucks to give. he voices your character, and i like hauer, i do, he has an impressive body of work, but this one he phones in a little. which is half the amusement. he slurs, he gets names and inflections wrong, and if it was him being old, it wouldn’t be funny. but i think he just doens’t care. which is hilarious, imagining him in a booth, being coaxed to say a line, and reminding them with his performance, that he has ‘hobo with a shotgun’ money.

all that, and it’s a not bad game, with trippy surreal playable dream sequences, and an atmosphere that i really like, being a fan of the genre myself. it borrows from a lot, but who am i to throw stones?

ug, long day. that’s all i can type right now. here’s some art. go to my patreon to enjoy more, and throw a dollar at me, or a scrunched up fiver like the art whore that i am.