so, at long last, my patreon page is launched. it’s still in it’s roughest form, but in time, i’ll add more to it, and flesh it out. but, that’s no reason i can’t get it up and running, and see who’s interested.

the biggest reason i wasn’t into doing any crowdfunding, or patreon site, was that i didn’t want to ask for something and give nothing in return. hey, i worked hard to get every one of my fans, and i work just as hard to keep you guys (and gals) coming back. so, my pledge to you, is that i will keep my patreon feed updated all the time with stuff for patrons at all levels, and any money i make, will go into funding a print job, at some point. i’d really like to give some of my most loyal and vocal fans free copies at some point. that might not happen soon, but it will happen.

patreonbuttonbut more than anything, this is just a baby toe in the water, to see how people feel about supporting black and blue beyond dropping by and reading the updates. and if that’s where you’re cool with it, no problem! but check it out, and let me know what you think, and if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know!

on to something you should all be watching, ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’


A couple years ago, there was a remake of the evil dead. sort of a reboot in a way, cause ash wasn’t there, and neither was the humour. ok, so you’re left with a pretty gory horror movie, which, maybe could have stood up on it’s own. but we’ll never know cause they attached it to the evil dead franchise.

but with that free boost in interest you also set yourself up to having to meet expectations, and as anyone who associated with the new ghostbusters movie can tell you, people on the internet like to to freak out over nothing. i can’t throw stones. but ultimately, if you don’t like it, don’t go see it. or start a webcomic, and then occasionally, and carefully freak out in posts no one reads….. not me…. i mean, a friend i know….

where is this going? the movie wasn’t great, but the new series works very well. the humour is back, probably largely in part that they got sam raimi, the original creator, back on the series. and it’s as close to the original magic as it could be.

which i think is where we can find an important lesson here. if you can’t do something like the original, why are you doing it? and if you just want the original again, why bother? i’m looking at you, Robocop……

*funfact, i saw ‘evil dead – the musical’ on one of the first dates with my now wife. i didn’t know where were were going, i was wearing a white tee shirt, with tickets in the ‘splash zone’. the girl in the trap door popped up, saw my bright white tee, and i got a cup full of  artery juice right in the chest. good times. so i figured i’d keep the chick after that. oddly, evil dead works as a musical. i know, right?