i’m sorry to report that the axe body people spray did not like me drawing parallels between their product and non consensual sex. which is kinda like linking water to wetness, but whatever. i don’t judge. but sponsorship dried up.

though i’m happy to say my patreon is going well, a few people have signed on, and i do appreciate that. it’s a start of something i hope to carry on with. so check it out! rewards range form extra concept work, to getting art done up for yourself. or you could just take pity on an artist putting out free entertainment. whatever. but don’t do it out of guilt, ya freeloader.

as it turns out, black and blue isn’t a completely unique name for a comic book. i wasn’t aware of this, but there is another comic out there on the www called black and blue. but the similarities end there. i was aware of it by some of the phrases used in searches that lead people to click my site. weird phrases…. so i did a little digging.

that’s when i found that there has been a webcomic, devoted to answering the question, ‘what if the teenage mutant ninja turtles got freaky deaky on the down low?’ it wasn’t a question i’ve ever asked, and i didn’t really get to into the answer, but it woulds seem as though it has been answered. thoroughly. but maybe not thoroughly enough, seeing as how people are still looking for it….

so, sorry. if you arrived here hoping that you had found turtle ninja porn (no judgements) you may be let down by what i’m putting out there. or maybe not. maybe there’s something else those individuals can find to enjoy here. unless it’s just the amphibian phalluses…..

So i said to myself, when i first started my site, ‘self, don’t go dark, don’t negatively criticize another artists work, you’re better than that. And, in case you’re not, don’t invite negative critique of YOUR work.’

and with that, i’ve steered clear for the most part, of being too nasty about anyone’s work. did someone just cough ‘robocop’ under their breath? you can cut that out right now.

but i think Morgan is fair game, being as artless and joyless an endeavor it was. here’s a question, have you ever watched a movie, and you can imagine the pitch meeting in which it was conceptualized? i’ve been in some of those types of meetings, and i can tell you exactly how Morgan came to be. i think it was something like this…

suit1- well what was a big movie last year. i don’t like taking chances, but the studio needs a big movie…
suit2- hey, i don’t like taking chances either! well, what about ex machina… it won awards for like…. stuff.
suit1- i don’t know…. sci fi? too nerdy. and all that CGI? ugh. well, what if we keep the girl, but she’s like, not a robot, but still not a person….?
suit2- what do you mean? ok, whatever, i’m writing it down. and instead of the cool robotics, we just spend the money on B-list actors who are bored this summer.
suit1- but we don’t have time for a twisted plot about artificial intelligence though, how bout just lots of fight scenes, with jarring pointless cuts?
suit2- i think we have a hit on our hands!
suit1-let’s make out!
suit1… what? nothing……

that last bit was just me taking some artistic liberty. and as pointless as my little playlet was, it had more intrigue than their movie had.

so why am i writing about this movie then? missed opportunities. one of the things that bums me out most, is when i see a movie, with a big budget, and all the bells and whistles, that stumbles right out of the gate. it didn’t have to, the stage was set for something more interesting, and at about the 15 minute mark, everyone collectively shat the bed. so, watch it if you want to argue i’m wrong, or if you though ex machina was too good and you’d like to see it, but worse, and you have an hour to kill. but you’ve been warned. at least your expectations will be low.