i’ll start with the fun stuff. i’ve decided to aim my patreon donations at a goal. thank you for those who have and continue to donate, the funds have made it easier to justify upgrading my photoshop from CS to CC, which i wouldn’t have done if i didn’t have the extra cash, so in a very real way, you have contributed to making my tools a little sharper for me to ply my craft. CC has some smoother drawing tools which i can already see a benefit from. thanks guys! have fun with a recent drawing, and visit my patreon!

i recently killed my twitter account. facebook, you’re on deck.

i’ve tried working with these platforms to reach my readers, full disclosure. but lately, in every way other than the comic, social media has seemed more of a frustrating obligation, or worse yet, a bullhorn for assholes.

so, this is my exiting social media rant. it’s obligatory, like crop dusting a bad party before you leave. it’s out of my hands. i’m paradoxically annoyed with this type of tech while excited to see what the new thing is. i have a feeling you have to be an early adopter, and an early abandoner to really get the most of any it.

to be fair, in the beginning, like with a lot of cool things before the masses glom on, it was wildly convenient. reconnect with old friends, hear about new jobs, all that jazz. then the ads, and the ads parading as news, and next thing you know, that party i mentioned turns into a time share seminar, and it’s time to let one rip. maybe i’m just bitter. i’d feel more kindly disposed to it if i had gotten many, if any readers from those platforms, but when i think about it, for free services, i feel like they take a lot more than they give. could be that i’m just late to this realization, but once you connect those dots, you can’t go back.

next one the adgenda, i was gonna write this long blurp comparing the orville and star trek discovery, seeing as how it seems alot of people have strong feelings about these shows recently, having came out at the same time. i’ll just cut to the point, the orville answers a question galaxy quest answered 20 years ago, without any of the pathetic ham handed shifts in tone that the orville suffers from, trying to address today’s social issues, and discovery has a big budget, and looks very nice and seems like it can’t decide whether or not it wants to do a large story arc, or stand alone episodes.

but, enjoy what you enjoy, not my place to say nuthin. cept i will anyways. i think people are overly critical of discovery though, cause it has to justify being a successor to the star trek franchise, and overly forgiving of orville, cause…. i have no idea. people love that show though.

BUT, people should be watchin…

Phillip K Dick’s Electric Dreams

i’m starting to think that black Mirror was more influential than i expected, cause electric dreams follows a similar structure. short stories about technology in the future, and plenty of em. all different, each with their own point. i’ll end the comparisons there, but it’s a show very much worth yoru time. i’m about 4 episodes in, and while i don’t think it’ll live up to it’s name sake, it’s still very entertaining.